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Will Videomine Crash? Facts You Need To Know – 2022 Review

Are you in doubt to know whether the Videomine platform will crash? Well, you have found your answers. Read on below...

by Eniola Samuel
Will Videomine Crash

Following my post on the Videomine.org review, I have been getting requests to talk about the reasons why Videomine might crash.

I have been seeing several questions such as Will Videomine crash? When is Videomine going to crash? Is Videomine legit or a scam? Is the Videomine site down? And many more.

To answer all the above questions, I am going to explain steps by step the reasons why we think Videomine might be crashing.

Before I start to lay out the reasons why I think Videomine is going to crash, let’s learn what Videomine is all about.

What is Videomine.org?

If you are new to Videomine and want to know what the platform is all about, you will learn about it in this section.

Videomine org is a platform that claims to pay people or let people make money for performing a few easy tasks like posting viral videos, watching videos, visiting the site every day, and others.

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The platform also has an affiliate feature that allows affiliate marketers to earn extra money by promoting the platform and earning a commission when a new member joins.

Now to the real reason you are for, Will Videomine crash? or is Videomine really going to crash? Well, that’s a question you will get to know soon.

Will Videomine crash?

Based on the current condition of the site, we can say that the platform is currently active and still open for members to register.

The site is still very much accessible via the link www.videomine.org, if you are still doubting you can click to check.

If you are unsure whether videomine.org is a scam or legit, check out my review on Videomine.

Now let’s talk about why I think the platform might crash soon, we will look into that below.

Reasons to say Videomine org might crash

The reasons are listed below:

Videomine source of revenue

One can easily say that the revenue earned by the platform to pay their member is in numerous ways one of them being display ads from an advertising network namely; Adsterra.

The ad network is known to show explicit ads and it is risky for a membership site that offers work and tasks to people in return for earnings.

Member Data Management

The platform shows that the data of their registered members is at risk with malicious ads and inappropriate use of data.

Data management has always been the issue why most of these kinds of platforms crash, and yet it remains unsolved.

Does this show a little answer to the question Will Videomine crash? Let’s move on with other facts.

Unknown Owner

One of the top reasons why I personally think the platform might crash soon is because the owner of the platform remains unknown.

When you do things that are beneficial to people and are legit will you hide your face to not get acknowledged for it? No, no one would do that.

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Let’s take for example; owners of social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and others. Will they ever hide their true identity and get trusted? It isn’t possible.

Change in Name (Videomine.org is a duplicate of Videomine.io)

The best reason why you might think the current platform videomine.org is going to crash should be this, the current platform once existed as videomine.io.

Talking about the then platform videomine.io, the platform was short-lived because it failed so many members and some lost their hard-earned money.

Do you think we should trust the same site that carries the name of the previous site? Or do you think Will Videomine crash? Let’s hear your own decision or say on this in this comment.


As for me, I can’t say totally that the platform is a scam or legit based on the facts above. But I hope you can make a decision on your own depending on your own reasoning on the Will Videomine crash question.

My advice is that you think well before you take an action on whether to register with the platform or not. If you are a registered member you can check out for yourself to know the truth around the platform.

I hope you find this article helpful, if yes kindly help share it with people who might find it helpful. Thanks in advance.

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Balogun kehinde February 20, 2022 - 8:47 am

Pls can I withdraw on videomine as affiliate without referring anybody and when can I withdraw

Eniola Samuel February 22, 2022 - 5:57 pm

Yes, you can withdraw without referring anyone, as for the withdrawal part it is mentioned in the article here

Gabriel Youmu April 27, 2022 - 7:37 am

Pls I’m due for withdrawal but they keep telling not qualified for withdrawal


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