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EasyCredit Loan App Review: Is it Legit or Scam?

This article is for people who are curious to know more about the EasyCredit Loan app. To learn more, read on...

by Eniola Samuel
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EasyCredit Loan App Review

When we talk about online loan applications, we seem to find a lot of them readily available for use.

However, we must strive to know which is best for us, and that leaves us to review the EasyCredit app.

What is EasyCredit Loan?

EasyCredit is a loan app, it offers loans to people. EasyCredit is just like other loan apps despite that, people really want to know about the app.

The app was created 2 years ago and has been giving loans since then just like other apps like branch loan apps, QuickCheck Loan, and so many others.

Using the EasyCredit app, you have the opportunity to request a loan of up to 300,000 naira.

The EasyCredit app makes use of an analyzing machine (AI) to verify and gather information about the applicant’s credit score to determine the loan offer for the applicant.

EasyCredit Loan requirements

To apply for the EasyCredit loan, you must meet the below requirements:

  • You must not be less than 18 in age
  • You must possess a smartphone
  • You must have an ID card (national ID card, BVN, or voter’s card)
  • Have a working bank account

Note: The app is meant only for Nigerians, and you must have enough transactions history on your bank account.

How to apply for a loan on the Easycredit app?

Applying for a loan on the EasyCredit app is easy, all you have to do is to download and install the application on your phone.

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You must also meet all the requirements needed from you. It is as easy as that.

The below is how you apply for the EasyCredit loan:

  • First, open the Google Play store app and search for “EasyCredit loan”. You should be able to see the app with the logo.
  • Install and open the app, then start by filling the empty boxes with the correct information. Info includes BVN, phone number e.t.c.
  • Check to confirm the details input carefully.
  • Now click on apply.
  • The loan approval team will now check and approve your loan with the fair use of your details.

EasyCredit interest rate

EasyCredit loan interest rate is quite minimal, it ranges from 12% to 36% APR with 0% service charge.

Let’s take for example if your loan quantity is 10,000 naira, the loan time period is 180 days. Then calculation will be 12% x 10,000 = 1,200 naira.

How to repay your EasyCredit loan

Repaying EasyCredit loans is easy as the app developer has made it easy for people to repay loans.

All you have to do is follow the guidelines below:

  • Click open the EasyCredit loan app
  • Click on my loan button
  • Select the loan you are repaying
  • Now click on repay prematurely
  • Now you see the repair now button, click on the button
  • Follow the payment method steps
  • And that’s all you have repaid your loan

What happens if I can’t pay my Easy Credit loan?

Frequent late loan payments we attract a charge of 2% late loan fee per day.

This also has an effect on your loan credibility in getting bigger loans.

You must try as much as possible to pay your loan before the due time.

If you repay your loan regularly you will have the chance to get access to Bigger loans and the failure to pay the loans can get you reported to the credit score bureau.

That can adversely affect your chance of getting a loan somewhere else in the future.

EasyCredit Frequently Ask Questions (F.A.Qs)

Is EasyCredit loan scam or real?

The EasyCredit loan app is a credible loan app, and it has been the choice of some people for a while now. This means you can expect the best of loan service from them.

How much can I borrow from EasyCredit?

Starting with the EasyCredit loan app you can get from 2000 naira to 300,000 naira.

This will increase over time as you pay back your loan.

EasyCredit loan repayment period

You can get a loan that lasts up to three months with EasyCredit depending on the amount of your loan, it ranges from amount 14 days to 180 days.

How do I download the EasyCredit loan app?

Installing the EasyCredit loan app is easy all you have to do is go to the Google Play store, search for the app by using the keyword “EasyCredit” and install then open.

EasyCredit loan customer care number

To contact EasyCredit customer service you can place a call or use the numbers below:

WhatsApp: +2348088227615

Call: +234 90876 14188

Email: help@easycredit.app

You can also visit their office address: Opebi Street No. 20 Ikeja Lagos State Nigeria.


Now that we have reviewed the EasyCredit app you should be able to know that the loan is easy to apply for.

It requires no paperwork and does not need you to be at the office in order to get a loan.

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