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Videomine org Review 2022: Legit or Scam? Full Details On It

This article if for those who are curious to know about the Videomine.org platform. Read along...

by Eniola Samuel
Videomine.org Review

In today’s review, I’ll be talking about videomine.org in 2022. This information is for people who are curious about the platform, if you are curious then you should read the whole content.

Without taking much of our time let’s start by knowing what the platform really is.

What is videomine .org?

Videomine.org is an online platform that boasts of helping people with lots of ways to make money online.

The platform offers different ways of making money by performing some activities such as visiting websites, watching movies, posting viral videos, and doing other stuff.

It also offers you the opportunity to make more money apart from performing activities on the site, opportunities such as becoming an affiliate marketer, or by becoming the company’s staff member.

Just like every other platform, it requires you to pay for activation or coupon code. the coupon code can be gotten or bought from one of their distributors.

If you’re interested in joining the platform you can get an activation/coupon code for as low as 2000 naira.

Over the years we have seen different money-making platforms online, most of them have grown while most of them have been deleted.

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Every year we see new platforms get launched, some of them proved to be legit, and why some of them are scams.

Let’s not forget we are doing this review on the platform to be sure if it is legit.

Is videomine.org legit or a scam?

It is just like any other platform online which promises to pay you money for performing activities online.

While we have been seeing testimonies about the platform paying people, we have also seen some people backlash the platform.

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However, the platform claims to pay people based on the activities they perform on the website. Activities we have mentioned above such as visiting the site, watching videos, posting viral videos, and much more.

This shows that you’re not getting free money, you are actually working for your money.

With this, we can say that videomine.org is not a scam based on the fact that you are required to work in order to earn.

How to become a videomine affiliate?

Registering as an affiliate marketer with the platform is not hard, create an account as an affiliate, and then you perform the below activities to get paid:

  • Refer people using your personal affiliate link
  • Make sure those people register
  • Have them pay the activation fee

After performing all the above activities you will get paid in the below steps:

Video watching #150

Registration payment #2000

Referral bonus #1400

Viral video post #200

Registration bonus #1000

Every day visit #100

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After earning the minimum withdrawal you can withdraw your earnings twice a week, and also get your commission paid instantly.

To become Videomine staff

Becoming a staff gives you access to the following:

You can withdraw #10,000 of your earnings instantly

You have to re-subscribe and transfer in every cycle

Paying for registration and re-subscription fee of #2000 is a must.

Videomine.org contact details

In case you’re having any issue with its services, you can contact them using the following contact address:

Phone number: 09035046637

Email address: Officialvmtechnology@gmail.com

Telegram account: https://t.me/videominetechnology

Videomine.org registration process

First, go to their website using this link

After that click on the menu button and then click activation code

After purchasing the activation code kindly input it where necessary

Your full name (first name, last name) email address, username, password, coupon code then click on sign up.

Videomine.org login process

To log in to your account is easy, just follow the steps:

Go to the website login

Input your username or email address

Then input your password

Now click on the login button

And that’s all on that part.


By now you should have concluded that’s the platform looks very interesting and might be legit based on the reason that you invest and work to earn through the platform.

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Austin Michael March 2, 2022 - 7:08 am

This is a scam I paid the registration fee into the account designated for payment they did not give me the coupon till now people should stop paying money there it is a scam I wish the government can rise to this occasion

Chika April 14, 2022 - 4:39 pm

Hi admin, thank you for this. Please I applied for withdrawal 2 weeks ago, but have not received any mail or payment. What could this be the problem?

Adam's April 24, 2022 - 10:03 am

My fellow subscribers pls just pause any act of payments for now,cos there is sumthing fishy,am trying to investigate will then later publish.for now no referals no payments pls.


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