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KashKash Loan App Review: All You Need To Know

This article will tell you all you need to know about the KashKash loan app from the beginning to the end. Read along...

by Eniola Samuel
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KashKash Loan App Review

Talking about obtaining a loan from apps such as the KashKash loan app, we have several apps online that claim to offer loans, and yet a few of them are trustworthy.

Right here on this blog, we have written several reviews on loan apps such as Easycredit and people have found it helpful.

Today we will be reviewing another loan app known as KashKash loan, the loan app has been around for a while now so we guess it’s time to write a review about it.

Using the KashKash loan app could pass as a way to get a loan if you have been rejected by financial institutions such as mortgage banks.

Let’s get started :

What is KashKash loan app?

KashKash app is a Nigerian loan app that offers loans to individuals in Nigeria.

The loan app was created to give out flexible loans to people who are in need of quick cash.

The loan company has created the app to give affordable loans with low-interest rates so that people can pay easily.

Getting a loan from the KashKash loan app is easier as is no need for collateral or lots of documentation before you can obtain a loan from the app.

KashKash loan requirements

Each loan app has its own requirements, and KashKash loan app is no exception. Before you can apply for a loan with KashKash you need to meet the following requirements:

  • You must be older than 18 in age
  • You must own a smartphone
  • Have an active bank account
  • You must have an ID card (national ID card, BVN, or voter’s card)

It is important that you note that the app is meant only for Nigerians, and you must have enough transactions history on your bank account.

KashKash Loan Interest Rate

KashKash loan interest rate is minimal depending on the look of its requirements, it ranges from 0.1% to 30% APR with service charges from NGN 1,174 to NGN 6,000, as one-time charges.

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The rate is still okay if you take a look at other apps that offers way higher loan interest in a short time. The loan app requires less documentation than most apps.

How to apply for a loan on the KashKash app?

To apply for a loan on the KashKash app is simple, all you need to do is to download and install the application on your phone.

Make sure you have met all the requirements needed from you. It is as easy as that.

Below is how you apply for the KashKash loan:

First, open the Google Play store app and search for “KashKash loan”. You should be able to see the app with its logo.

Install and open the app, then start by filling the empty boxes with the correct information. Info needed includes BVN, phone number e.t.c.

Check to confirm the details input carefully.

Now click on apply.

After submitting, your loan application will be checked by the loan approval team, and then make a decision (whether to approve or decline your loan offer).

Defaulting on KashKash loan?

Defaulting on your KashKash loan app will attract a charge of a 3% late loan fee per day starting from the last day to repay your loan.

If the defaulting continues, your loan credibility will take a dip and will affect your future loan approvals.

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To avoid this, you should make sure you pay your loans early or you can pay in installment before the due date.

KashKash Frequently Ask Questions (F.A.Qs)

Is KashKash loan scam or real?

The KashKash loan app is a genuine loan app, and it has been online for some time now. This means you can apply for a loan with them with ease.

How much can I borrow from KashKash?

Starting with the KashKash loan app you can get from 2000 naira to 200,000 naira.

Your loan limit will increase over time as you repay your loans.

KashKash loan repayment period

You can get a loan that lasts up to 3 months with KashKash and this depends on the amount of your loan. Normally, it ranges from amount 7 days to 180 days.

How do I download the KashKash loan app?

You can install the KashKash loan app easily in a few steps.

Start by opening the Google Play store app, search for the app by using the keyword “KashKash ” and install, then open.

KashKash loan customer care number

To contact KashKash customer service you can call or use the numbers below:

  • 09087614169
  • 09087614170

Customer Service Email: help@kashkash.ng

Address: Room 301, Jopebi road No. 62, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria


The KashKash loan app is a fast loan offering app, you can secure a loan from the app in ten minutes as it requires less documentation from you.

The interest rate is also okay depending on your loan amount.

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