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How To Create Marketing Strategies For Your Small Business

by Eniola Samuel
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Marketing Strategies for business

What can you do if your business is small or new and doesn’t have enough resources to create a marketing plan?

Starting a business or coming up with a business plan is not an easy task and when you get to start, it is left for you to look forward to growing it.

You can accomplish a lot with the resources you already have. This guide will show you how to create small business marketing strategies without spending too much.

Business marketing strategies are a combination of strategies that increase awareness and sales through new customer acquisition.

People want to be entertained, solve a problem, or be distracted. Customers will be attracted to your product or service if it fulfills these needs.

Your product or service can’t speak for itself. A marketing strategy is what they need.

How to build your small business marketing strategies

To develop your small business marketing strategies, think about your audience.

Marketing is essential if you want your target audience to find you. If your competitors are marketing, but you aren’t, you will lose all your business.

Your audience is there. But they may not know anything about you if your business isn’t out there.

You can’t market without hard selling. People aren’t ready to meet you, don’t know your name, or may not know that you have a problem.

Marketing is a way to help people find the right small business. It helps them identify their problem and determine the solution. They don’t feel pressured but rather relieved.

These steps will help you create a plan that will guide your marketing strategy. This is how to create a brand and engage your audience.

1. Your brand should be defined

A business with a different brand will have different business marketing strategies.

When you think about a brand, the first thing you think of is its name. But that’s not all that a brand is. How do you determine your brand?

The first step in any marketing strategy is to create a brand. First, you must identify your purpose for being in business. You don’t have a branding strategy if people are unable to identify with you or why you do what you do.

Create a brand story that explains how and why you got into the business. The brand story is just as important as tone, typography, and logo. It is the glue that binds everything.

2. Create brand awareness

The next step to take after you have defined your brand is to make sure that people are aware of it. Each person who knows about your brand is a potential client.

Brand awareness can be increased by using content. Video, written, and audio content can highlight the business’ expertise in the industry. Customers hate that you as a business are selling them out.

While content marketing, social media marketing, and networking are important, there are many options. You should identify your target audience, where they hang out, and make sure you are getting your message across to them.

3. Do market research

Do some market research if you are having difficulty figuring out your audience.

Market research can help you determine if you have a viable product/service, how saturated the market is, any gaps you can fill, as well as the price point.

Social listening, especially on Facebook, is a great way to do this. Find out about the problems faced by others by joining groups. Take a look at forums such as Reddit and Quora to record any questions being asked.

Take all these and combine them to find commonalities. These are their common pain points.

We use a tool called SEMRUSH, for example, to analyze competitors and determine their strengths, weaknesses, and potential opportunities.

4. Create a buyer instinct

A buyer instinct is another helpful tool to gain an audience and identify the different audiences you are targeting.

Although it may seem absurd to create fake customers with fake hobbies and lives, the more you detail, the better.

4. Focus on your target audience

Without customers, you can’t run any business. Experts and business owners know this.

Small business owners often struggle to find a target audience. This is because they feel they have limited their options and are narrowing their focus. You can solve this problem by targeting the right audience.

Remember that targeting a specific audience does not decrease your marketing efforts, but it can help you focus your attention.

6. Set up a website

Most business owners don’t regard a website as one of the ways to add up their business marketing strategies, but it is.

Even if your goal is to sell products online only, it’s important to have a website.

Potential customers will cross-reference a business to find its social media accounts and website when they discover a new business.

A business website can be a great way to communicate legitimacy to your customers.

7. Come up with a marketing budget

Although you could manage all of your marketing internally, it may not be the best option.

You might consider hiring a consultant or outsourcing your marketing efforts to small-business marketing agencies.

8. Critical, select marketing channels

Your marketing channels are the different ways you can reach your target audience. Email, along with Facebook, is a popular digital marketing channel.

Every platform that you use to reach a segment of your audience is considered an independent channel.

9. Start a blog (blogging)

Engagement is the next step after you’ve identified your audience and have created a website. Engaging with customers is key to ensuring they are happy. This is where your blog can help you.

You can teach your customers and create engagement that fosters a genuine relationship between you, your customers, and the blog. Your blog will become the backbone of SEO and engagement as you grow your online presence.

10. Get your online tools set up

Your online media tools will be your next step in engagement. A blog is the first step. Yelp pages allow customers to leave feedback, and you can reply in kind. Google Business pages have similar capabilities.

You will find your social media tools even more useful because they allow for continuous communication between you and your customers.

You’ve probably used Twitter to attract attention to a company. You can use all your online tools to drive engagement and build your brand.

11. Set aside funds to advertise

Advertising is one of the most important industries in the world. Advertising can be your first contact with customers.

You can then build customer relationships and all the rest. But ads will get your name in people’s minds. This is how you can open the floodgates. Make sure you are ready.

12. Invest in outreach

Investing in outreach can help your business grow in ways beyond your thinking, it can help you set up more effective business marketing strategies if done well.

Advertising is a great way of generating outreach. However, modern marketing offers many other options to help you achieve your goals.

You can either pay through social media platforms or text messaging marketing services.

Facebook offers paid options for promoting your Facebook Business page to many more people if you have one.

13. Go deep into SEO

Search engine optimization is one of the most effective marketing strategies. Your website will be at the top of relevant Google searches if you have meaningful engagement with your audience.

No outreach is better than being on the first Google search page. SEO is both science and art. While it will take time and money to get great organic results from SEO, they are worth it.

Your SEO efforts will bring you valuable customers who will already have strong trust in you.

To back you up, here is a list of other marketing strategies to look into:

1. Email Marketing

Email marketing is essential because it allows you to communicate with people who have signed up for your communications, including newsletters, discounts, and general information. It’s easy to be scammed by email. Make sure your emails are clearly branded so people can recognize that it’s your business.

2. Website creation

This one is the obvious choice. It’s because some businesses don’t use their websites enough.

Websites are often the first thing that a business owner creates to market their brand and the first thing customers see about the company.

A website that isn’t optimized for traffic and reaching new customers is often a problem.

Your search engine optimization (SEO) should include keywords and product descriptions to improve your website’s ranking in search results.

3. Social media Marketing

We have so many social media platforms out there, and new ones are being created all the time that it is important to understand which ones will benefit your company.

It’s cool to create pages on social media. A Facebook page, Instagram page, Twitter profile, and YouTube channel are all necessary for increasing your audience. Let’s take a more insightful look at each one.


A Facebook page allows you to interact with your customers in real-time. People can comment, raise concerns, and start conversations when you post something.

You, as the business owner, will be able to jump into these threads and engage with customers on important topics. You can share photos, updates, and ideas about your business to build a closer relationship with your customers.


It’s crucial to use Instagram to market your business. You should be consistent with your posting habits, consider the layout of your grid, and have photos ready in case you need them.

Preparing yourself will show your customers that you care about how you present your business. This will lead to a better-quality Instagram account.

These things can increase your followers and encourage people to engage with your content. Influencer marketing is possible on Instagram, which can prove to be very beneficial for certain industries.


YouTube is the best place to start a YouTube channel if you are in the business of making videos. You will love watching videos of cleaning carpets, detailing cars, and making soap. They are entertaining to watch and well worth the effort.

You can check out the channels of businesses in your sector to see how they are doing and help you decide whether it is worth your time.


Twitter for business is different from Instagram in that it doesn’t focus on photos, and, unlike Facebook, its goal is not to initiate conversations.

Many businesses have found success on Twitter through their funny comments to customers and competitors.

Think fast-food chains were laughing at each other over their burger quality. Twitter is more casual than Facebook and allows you to quickly write about your business. These notes can contain a link to your website or any other resource.

Adverts – Pay-per-click (PPC)

You can place targeted ads on pages your customers are likely to visit using PPC. Clicking on the ad will take the customer to your site. You only pay a small click fee.

This channel is great if you want to reach new customers or expand your customer base. Although it’s not the same as organic traffic, the number of search engines used can make it a great channel to grow your business.

Online networking

You will be able to make your brand more recognizable and attract other companies and people to collaborate on marketing campaigns and projects.

Guest posting/blogging, YouTube videos partnering with small businesses, and other similar collaborations can be a great way to boost your mutual outreach and help one another grow.

You get authoritative links back to your site when you work with other online businesses. Networking is one of the most cost-efficient and time-efficient marketing channels.

It doesn’t work by itself. It works better when it is paired with other channels, particularly the last on this list.


Small businesses have many business marketing strategies beyond social media. There are many marketing strategies that small businesses can use. All you just need is to look out for the best and choose the right ones.

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