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How To Boost Your Business With Social Media Marketing

by Eniola Samuel
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Boost Business With Social Media Marketing

Since have started your business it is time you start promoting your business and social media marketing is a way to go forward.

You can save money if you have a small business. It’s easy to set up a social media profile and help your business grow online.

Social media marketing can be a great way to reach current customers and target potential customers.

How to use social media marketing to boost your business

1. Identify your target audience

Your business generally has two target audiences: yours and your customers. Social media marketing campaigns should be able to make your current customers feel valued and heard while reaching out to new customers in a way that promotes your business.

Recognize your existing customer base. Do they tend to be young or middle-aged? Are they younger?

Consider the social media platforms your customers might use. Ask customers to complete an informal survey while they shop. Work on using social media marketing to approach those people left unchecked.

While you will need to make predictions about your customer base, some research online might be helpful. To see which customers are following your competitors’ social media platforms, you might try looking at theirs.

Depending on the type of business, how you use social media will depend on what you do. Start by identifying your customer and the content that would resonate with them.

Next, start creating content that appeals directly to them. Content can be created that explains your brand and highlights the differences you have from your competition.

2. Register an account on your social media platforms

For you to start the social media marketing process you will need to set up social media accounts.

Once you have identified your target audience, you can sign up for a new social media account and then begin the social media marketing process.

Although social media accounts are free and easy to manage, you should review the guidelines and terms of each platform for business accounts. They may differ from personal accounts. The most popular social media platforms are:

Facebook: The most widely used social media platform is Facebook. It attracts all age groups, including adults over 60. If you want to get seen by a wider audience from multiple demographics, this platform is the best.

Twitter: Another popular social media platform is Twitter, which is primarily popular among millennials and younger generations. Although Twitter is not as widespread, it does have a niche community that could be beneficial for your business.

Instagram: This photo-based social media platform is extremely popular with adolescents and adults younger than 35. This is a great way for you to show off your products, your business, and the visible results of your work.

LinkedIn: This platform is often regarded as the best for career networking. LinkedIn allows you to publish on its platform and reach a larger audience. LinkedIn can be very useful for reaching wealthy, educated customers as well as for creating leads between businesses.

Tumblr: Although initially confusing for some users, Tumblr can be a useful and engaging way to reach potential customers aged 13-25. Tumblr users tend to be college-educated and are loyal to the social media platform.

Yelp allows customers to upload photos, rate your business and leave reviews based upon their experience and service. Yelp is a great place to advertise. Many people will search for local businesses (e.g., a bakery), and Yelp will provide listings, hours, customer reviews, and information.

Pinterest: If you have images that are visually appealing, this platform is the best. This platform can be very effective in targeting women between 30-50 years of age, particularly those with higher incomes.

3. You might consider hiring a social media manager

For your social media marketing to flow like a pro you can come up with the idea of hiring a social media manager which is a great thing.

Many people believe that social media managers must hire additional staff to manage their online accounts. Online management is possible without the need to hire additional staff, and you can still control your business’s online presence.

Online social media managers can be a great way to improve your company’s online presence and track your online outreach.

Hootsuite is an online social media manager that allows you to manage all your social media accounts across all platforms from one website.

You can schedule messages and posts, view how well your posts have reached your audience, and see any online mentions about your business made by social media users.

These social media managers can be used for free, or you can subscribe to them.

Sprout Social is a paid service that allows you to make contacts with your social media followers. This will help you track how successful they are in engaging you.

You can also track the number of customers who use Foursquare check-in apps at your business.

These tools will make your social media marketing process a lot easier and faster considering that you will be able to handle promotion with ease.

4. Listen to your customers

Listening to your business customers is one of the best ways you can foster customer support online. Listen to all your customers have to say and then take that feedback into consideration.

This could make the difference between a customer returning to you and one who tells family and friends not to support your business.

All feedback is appreciated, even the negative ones. Negative reviews can be addressed by saying,

“We are very sorry that you had a bad experience.” We implore you to try us again and, if I am notified of this post, I will personally make sure that you have an even better experience.

We appreciate their feedback and reviews. If you receive the same comments from multiple customers, it is worth considering implementing these changes, if feasible.

You should comment and like any customer posts on your social media pages. You can search for others who “checked in” to your business and add or remove favorites for any photos or updates they shared.

5. Your social media page should be unique

You may not be able to reach every person who visits your social media pages. If this is the case, then you will need to decide whether to maintain a general social media presence or one that appeals to your target audience.

No one should be irritated, regardless of whether they are customers or not. Recognize, however, that not everyone in your community will find your business appealing.

Keep in mind that if your business is specialized (e.g., a vegan bakery), it may be difficult to reach potential customers.

You can share posts that appeal to a niche audience if you have the ability to do so. You might also share posts that highlight the personal benefits of living a vegan life, as in the previous example.

6. Your online presence should be consistent

It is possible to believe that your social media presence will immediately boost your business. But it is rare to achieve overnight success. Be patient and consistent in your online presence in order to see good results with social media marketing.

Realize that it takes time to build an online presence. To attract more followers, you will likely need to take steps to increase your presence.

Depending on the number of people you target, how long it takes, and how hard you work online, this will all vary.

Be consistent. Be consistent. Post updates daily. Take some time to respond to and share customer posts.

Be patient. Your business will not be hurt by having an online presence. While it will help your business, you can only expect to get as much out of it as you put in.

7. Post on social media

Social media posts should not be a promotion. You can share information about your company, industry information, and photos of customers who frequent and enjoy your business.

To showcase your product, post photographs. Photographs of employees or satisfied customers can be used to showcase your service if it is not a product.

Offer occasional deals that only you and your followers will be aware of. To be eligible for a prize, users must share a photo or post on a weekly or monthly basis.

Post specials each day to keep your customers informed about your business. For example, if you own a bakery, you can use social media marketing to promote the specials of that day, the types of baked goods available, and the hours of operation.

Keep in mind your target audience. Your customers may not be familiar with hashtags or internet slang if they are retired.

Your social media platforms are a representation of your business. While you can have some fun, it is important to keep your posts professional and not post anything that could be considered offensive about politics, religion, or personal beliefs.


Marketing your business through social media networks can help your business grow well if you follow the best pattern.

Social media marketing is one of the profitable marketing methods that can help you drive good results. It takes some time to work well with it but eventually, you’ll enjoy its benefits.

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