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How To Launch A Successful Digital Marketing Career

by Eniola Samuel
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Digital Marketing Career

Do you want to start a career as a Digital Marketer? It’s an excellent career choice. This is what I can confirm without hesitation.

It has been my passion for more than 4 years now and it is still. Anyone can get started in the exciting world that is online marketing.

There are many options, but digital learning marketing is possible without attending a university or college.

It is a great way to start your career online. You can learn the skills you need online and serve clients all over the world from the comfort of home.

Is digital marketing a career that’s worth considering?

It is a fantastic career option to be a digital marketer. It is a new way of life for online businesses. Marketing budgets are shifting away from traditional channels and towards digital advertising.

Business owners and companies must increase their online visibility, and this leads to the increase in demand for digital marketing jobs, thus making it a profitable job.

It is ideal for those who want to open their own businesses or freelance full-time.

How much do Digital Marketers get paid?

This rate cannot be charged from the beginning. There are many factors that impact the rate, including years of experience, industry, location, and country.

One thing is certain, however: there is money to make in digital marketing, and the demand is growing for digital marketing consultants.

10 Steps to Launch a Successful Digital Marketing Career

These are the ten steps to get started in digital marketing

1. Learn the basics of digital marketing

The first step for beginners in digital marketing is to understand the basics of digital marketing.

Digital marketing, or online marketing, is a broad term used to describe marketing on the Internet.

It includes many components that can be used to promote online. It’s not just one discipline but many processes and channels that can be used in a digital marketing campaign.

Particularly, digital marketing includes the following channels:

Search Engine Optimization – Covers two areas: paid search advertising and search engine optimization (organic search engines).

Website Marketing – Promoting your website online.

Email Marketing – Marketing products and services via email

Mobile Marketing – This includes marketing on various App Stores (Google Play, Apple Store).

Content Marketing – This involves you using different types of content in your digital marketing campaigns

Video Marketing – Marketing on YouTube, Vimeo, or other video channels

Affiliate Marketing – Selling other people’s products and earning an affiliate commission.

Social Media Marketing – This includes marketing on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media networks

A good digital marketer must have the ability to work with all of the channels.

Do not get overwhelmed, and you don’t have to know everything right away.

As you move up the digital marketing career ladder, you will have more opportunities to learn about different technologies and tools. Eventually, the puzzle will be solved.

2. Create a website of your own

After you have mastered the basics of digital marketing, it is time to get in the trenches and begin practicing.

Start your own website to learn how to best apply digital marketing concepts in real life.

Digital marketing isn’t a theory, but it can be applied in a highly practical and measurable way. You need to be able to apply the various techniques in practice.

You will be asked to promote various websites throughout your digital marketing career. This is to increase organic traffic (SEO) or to increase sales through PPC, social media advertising, and/or social media advertising.

Start your own website to gain the skills and confidence you need.

Also, create a blog to increase your ranking and find products to promote via advertising.

This process is not easy and will take some time. However, it will help you build a foundation for your career.

Your website can help you learn new concepts and be a showcase for potential employers.

We don’t look for certificates when we hire digital marketing specialists. We want people who can show their knowledge. Having a website that has high rankings and traffic is the best way of doing this.

3. Learn about SEO deeply

If you don’t have a good understanding of SEO, it is impossible to pursue a career as a digital marketer. First, you need to learn SEO and then develop other skills.

SEO will teach you how to make websites that users love and search engines love. You can also use the same principles to improve your Facebook Ads and Facebook Paid Campaigns.

Start slowly building your SEO career, and once you feel you are proficient in SEO, you can move on to the next step.

4. Own a Google Ads Certification

As a digital marketing consultant, you will need to use Google Ads (previously Google AdWords) in order to promote products and services on various Google properties and websites.

A Google Ads certification is the fastest way to learn the required skills. Google offers a variety of resources that will help you become a Google AdWords Expert.

Having a certification can be a great way for you to show potential employers or clients that you have the skills.

5. Grow your knowledge in Google Analytics

A digital marketing professional must also be able to use Analytics, in addition to the various tools that can generate traffic.

Every aspect of a digital marketing campaign must be measurable.

You can see how many people saw your ads, click on them, and how many conversions you generated. There are many other metrics that provide information about every aspect of a campaign.

You need to be able to make informed decisions based on real data.

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6. Become an expert in Facebook Ads

Next, you need to get started with social media marketing, specifically Facebook Ads. You will need to be a specialist in digital marketing to understand the workings of the various social media networks (Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn).

However, the majority of your campaign budget and time will be spent on Facebook.

Facebook is not only a great social networking site, but it’s also a key tool for digital marketing campaigns.

It is becoming harder to get organic exposure on Facebook. The only way to sell Facebook as a tool is to learn how to use its advertisement platform.

It won’t be difficult to learn how to use Facebook Ads if you already know the basics of SEO and Google Ads.

While many of these concepts are similar to PPC, you will still need to learn how the tool works and be familiar with the policies on Facebook.

7. Become a freelancer (get a job as a digital marketer)

You can now move on to a real job in digital marketing if you want to advance your career.

While creating your own website is a great way for you to learn the various digital marketing techniques, digital marketing for clients is quite different.

Client accounts will require you to learn how to manage clients, how to budget, how to report, and how to organize them.

To apply for digital marketing jobs, you can use job portals such as upwork.com and freelancer.com.

Start small and easy tasks first, then move on to bigger projects.

Freelancers without feedback have a difficult time getting a job, so ensure that you:

Please read the job posting requirements and respond to any questions.

Quickly respond. There will be hundreds of job applications, so ensure that yours is at the top of the pile.

Your prices should be low and affordable. You will not be able to charge a premium fee if you don’t have any experience. This stage is about gaining experience to make money later.

8. Work as an internship for companies

You can also quickly grow your experience and skills by working as a digital marketing assistant for an established agency.

This is highly recommended as you’ll learn the workings of a modern digital agency and can also use their techniques if you want to open your own agency or work for another company as a digital marketer.

It will be harder to start your career as a freelancing marketer without any work experience.

As I said, working with clients can be very different from digital marketing on your own website. If you don’t have the right processes, you’ll lose time doing activities that aren’t ‘billable,’ which will result in a decrease in your income and salary.

9. Continue to keep up with new updates and learn more

Digital marketing strategies change constantly. This is something that some digital marketers love, and others hate, but it’s true that digital marketing is an ever-changing field.

Google makes hundreds of changes to paid and organic searches each year. The Facebook algorithm is always changing, and the digital marketing landscape, in general, is very dynamic.

If you are thought of starting a career as a digital marketer, it is important to know that you will need to learn every day.

This has been my job for many years, and I continue to learn new things every day.

To learn more I spend 15% of my time reading industry news and developments, case studies, learning about new tools, and keeping up to date with all changes in digital marketing channels.

10. Get deeper in digital marketing tools’ knowledge

You need to know how to use Google Analytics, as well as how to use other digital marketing tools.

As a digital marketing manager, you will need to manage a team. Tools are the only way to assess their work and monitor the progress of multiple projects simultaneously.

You can create dashboards that cover all channels and send meaningful reports to clients or management with a good tool.

There are many great tools out there, and even though they may not be free, it is a good investment in your career and an additional asset to your resume.


It’s a smart decision to start a career as a digital marketer. The demand for digital marketers’ professionals is growing worldwide.

The salary is high (depending on your experience), and you can either work as a freelancer or join a digital marketing agency.

Your first concern when you start out in digital marketing should be to improve your skills. Digital marketing isn’t something you can learn from a single course. Then, get to work.

Digital marketing encompasses many different disciplines. You should be an expert in each of these areas if you want to make it big.

You can learn digital marketing best by practicing on your own website. Start a blog and begin writing content. Learn SEO first, and then you can move onto Facebook and Google Ads.

Join a reputable digital marketing agency if you can. You will benefit from the experience gained working alongside experts on multiple projects.

You can become self-employed or start your digital marketing business. Then you can start your freelance career and build your clientele.

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