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How to Link NIN to 9mobile Sim (9mobile NIN Code)

Are worried about linking your NIN to your 9mobile sim? Worry no more as this article will guide you. Read on...

by Eniola Samuel
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How to Link NIN to 9mobile Sim (9mobile NIN Code)

This article was specially written for people who don’t know how to link NIN to 9mobile sim, read along.

Recently the Nigerian government made a change the brings about the compulsory use of NIN linkage to make your SIM active.

Due to this reason, some people have been finding it difficult to link their NIN to their SIM.

To solve this issue, the telecommunication Company 9mobile had to make a change and bring about an easier way to link your NIN to your SIM.

This article will help people who are finding it hard on how to link NIN to 9mobile sim with the simplest method.

For those who still don’t understand what NIN really means, NIN simply stands for National Identification Number.

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It is a unique 11 digit number assigned to every Nigerian citizen, as long as you are a Nigerian you have access to own a NIN.

As we all know, 9mobile is one of the top telecommunication companies in Nigeria and it has been in the business for a long time.

This means linking your NIN to your 9mobile sim is easier, let’s get started.

How to register for NIN

Getting registered for your NIN is not so hard, you can do that by just visiting any NIMC enrollment centers or you can do that online by visiting the NIMC portal to register your national identification number.

Follow these quick steps to register

  • First, visit the NIMC free enrollment online portal.
  • Fill the form
  • Download and print the pre-enrolment slip
  • Submit the application to the nearest NIMC registration center
  • Finally, get your NIN issuance

Steps to retrieving your NIN on 9mobile SIM

We have some people who have registered for their NIN but don’t remember the digit if you’re one of them. Start by dialing *346# on your 9mobile SIM to get your NIN instantly.

Now let’s get to the important part, which is how to link your NIN to your 9mobile SIM.

How to link NIN to 9mobile sim

We have two separate ways to how to link NIN to 9mobile sim. The first method is by dialing a USSD code, the second method is by linking from the 9mobile NIN portal. So follow the steps accordingly:

First method: Link NIN using 9mobile NIN code

The 9mobile NIN code for linking is *200*8#, this code only works on 9mobile SIMs.

  • Dial the code *200*8#to link your NIN to your 9mobile SIM

Dialing the code to link your NIN directly to your 9mobile SIM (it is much easier if you have your NIN already)

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Second method: Link NIN using 9mobile NIN portal

  • Visit the 9mobile NIN portal using this link
  • The required spaces with the right information
  • Now click on submit then wait for the SMS confirming the NIN linkage to your 9mobile SIM
  • Once seen, you can be sure that your NIN has been linked successfully.

To link your NIN to other mobile network sims, make use of the USSD codes below:

Networks NIN Linkage USSD Codes
MTN: *785#
Glo:  *109*NIN#
Airtel:  *121*1#

Retrieving your NIN on other mobile network sims is the same as 9mobile. All you have to do is dial the USSD code *346#. It is applicable to all mobile networks in Nigeria respectively.


And that’s all on the information on how to link NIN to 9mobile line in Nigeria, now you don’t have to worry about getting disconnected.

As I have mentioned before, if you don’t have an existing NIN then it’s best to go for it because sooner or later you need it for other validation processes.

You can get your NIN by using the method I explained above, it is easy as long as you know your way around it.

I hope you found this article on how to link NIN to 9mobile sim informative, kindly share it with your friends and family.

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