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Useful Android Secret Codes and Tricks For Smartphone Owners

by Eniola Samuel
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android secret codes

This post will give you insights on how to use your mobile phone like a professional. While some codes are specific to particular brands, there are universal codes that will work on all phones.

Are you familiar with the USSD codes What about the “Android secret code”? These characters can be used to unlock information, perform tests, or access hidden menus. Let’s find out what it is and how it can be used.

Some secret codes are Android system codes. They usually start with an asterisk “*”. Because they are only for your Android system, you don’t need to connect to a network in order to use them.

These codes are regularly updated as new versions of Android software become available. Some manufacturers also have additional codes.

It is easy to enter code. All you have to do is bring up your dialer keypad and then enter the correct number sequence.

You should note that some codes can only be used on certain carriers. If your phone does not respond to the code, you can simply move on to another one.

Attention! These codes should not be used without caution. These codes can cause your phone to lose data or make it unusable. You may find a lot of tech jargon in the menus that you don’t understand.

Let’s begin by explaining what USSD is. It’s a protocol that allows information across the network. For example, you can recharge your phone with call credit in certain countries. This protocol allows us to buy a card and then scratch the code.

The same goes for Android phones. There are codes we can use to access information and hidden menus.

You can test them on specific models and brands of smartphones but some codes may not work. Your device could be damaged or lose data. Only perform manipulations if you’re 100% sure.

*#06#: Displays your unique IMEI number

The IMEI stands to signify International Mobile Equipment Identity. This unique code is unique for each mobile phone. There are no two IMEI numbers that are identical.

Open the dial/call app, and then type *#06#. A popup will display your IMEI. It can be saved somewhere.

This is useful in the event that your phone is lost or stolen. Contact customer service at your network provider to blacklist or block your phone’s access from others.

*#*#225 #*#* Displays calendar storage information

This code displays important information on your phone’s calendar. This code will allow you to view the major calendar information on your phone, including holidays in Nigeria/country, PC sync, and emails.

*#*#4636 #*#*: Check Wifi signal, battery use, and CPU statistics.

This code contains all the information you need. This code displays your WiFi signal, as well as battery info and usage statistics. Call *#*#4636 to get more information about your mobile phone.

*31#: Hide your caller ID

By dialing *31#, you can hide your phone number from all outgoing calls. Once your call is received, the person you are calling will be able to see a private number. To reveal your identity, dial *#30#

*#*#7594#*#*: Quick Shutting down

This code will instantly turn off your phone without using the power button. This code can be used to turn off your phone if the power button is broken. I used to have a phone that didn’t have a power button.

For an instant shutdown, dial *#*#7594 #*#*

*#5005*7672#: Displays SMS center number

This secret code will reveal the phone number associated with your cell telephone message center. It is the number to which all text messages are sent before being forwarded to you.

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*#*#8351 #*#*: Listen to your voice recordings

Let’s suppose you have made an important call such as an interview call. To listen to recordings of your voice from the past 20 calls, dial *#*#8351 #*#*

*#*#426 #*#* Firebase Cloud messaging

This information may be helpful to Android developers. This combination of characters will open the FCM diagnostic page. It also contains information about google play services.

*#*#7780 #*#* Instant Factory Reset Settings

You should exercise caution when entering this code. This code will wipe all of your data. If you’re ready to sell your device or you suspect that there has been a virus attack, you can dial *#*#7780#*#*. For an instant factory reset, dial *#*#7780 #*#*

*3001*12345#* Signal Information

This code is only for iPhone users. Signal strength will appear in your navigation bar. This gives you information about local networks as well as cell towers.

There are many other codes and tricks. These codes and tricks may also be of use:

*43#— Activate a call waiting

*##0011#* — Display service menu for Samsung galaxy only

*#61#— Activate call forwarding

*#*#2663 #*#* – Displays touch-screen version

*#*#3264 #*#* – Displays RAM Version

*#888# – Displays the PCB version of the motherboard.

*#*#232337#*# – Bluetooth address

*#*#273282*255*663282*#*#* – Backup all media

*#9090# – Diagnostics settings

*#301279# – Setting up HSDPA/HSUPA

*#872564# – Setting up USB logging

NOTE: These codes may only be used with certain brands of phones like Samsung, Tecno, and Xiaomi.


I hope you find this guide useful. Some of these codes can be quite extreme. Some codes can wipe your entire phone and factory reset it. Be careful when entering them.

Want even more hidden menus? Did you know that Android has well-hidden Developer Options? To access the Developer Options, go to Settings. A message will appear indicating that Developer Options are available.

These settings can be found in the System or in the Settings menu. You can also activate Debug Mode and manage Bluetooth.

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