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Remote Jobs: How To Work And Earn Income From Them

by Eniola Samuel
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Earn income with remote jobs

Freelancing is becoming more common in modern working and money-making methods. This means that you have many options to make money at home.

There are many ways to make an income from home, including selling products online and starting a podcast.

You’re in luck if you are looking for a traditional job but want to work remotely. The number of remote jobs openings, which doubled on some sites during the pandemic, continues to increase.

Remote jobs postings continue to rise, with some sites reporting that they doubled during the pandemic.

It is important to consider jobs that can be done remotely, such as website development, copywriting, graphic design, software development, or copywriting. You can get a sense of the available jobs by adding “remote” to job search engines.

Remote jobs can help you achieve your career goals. To find remote jobs that you like, you should take note of your skills to determine if they are transferable and any gaps that you would need training or upskilling.

We will discuss how remote jobs opportunities that can make it possible to work from home.

Lists of remote jobs

There are many income opportunities for those who can string words together.

It is easy to make money online by starting a business with words. You don’t need much equipment and can start right away.

Writer: Writers are paid by businesses to write reports, books, and articles. These jobs can be found on writing and freelance sites.

You can also begin a new step of your own freelance writing company, giving you more control over the price and project that you accept.

You can also freelance to write online magazines. Online magazines work in the same manner as print magazines. You need to pitch ideas to editors to be hired.

Although these writing gigs are more lucrative than regular writing contracts, they can be very time-consuming.

To make a steady income, you will need to create a system for regularly pitching ideas to several online magazines.

Blogger: Blogs are another way to make money from your words. Blogs are great because you can pick any topic that interests you, as long as there is an audience for it.

Blogs can be made from your passion, hobby, or success story (e.g., How you have made your way to making money and paid off your debt or buy a house.

Writing meaningful and helpful content and driving traffic to your blog is key to blogging success.

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Infopreneur: You can also create info products (ebooks, courses, etc.). Information products can be in many formats, including ebooks, manuals, and digital home courses.

These products can be created and sold from your website. In the case of books, it is also advised you can self-publish them and distribute them through Amazon or other ebook retailers.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can help you generate extra income if you have a following on social media or a website. Affiliate marketing allows you to earn a commission from the sale of another company’s products.

Commonly, affiliate marketing involves linking to other companies’ websites or products in your content. And when your website reader clicks on the link and purchases the product, you receive a commission for the sale generated.

Amazon Associates Program is a well-known network for affiliate marketing. You can also find other opportunities to market on platforms such as CJ Affiliate and ShareAsale.

Before you start affiliate marketing, make sure to familiarize yourself with FTC’s Endorsement Guides.

Disclosure is required when you have a financial interest or a connection to a product or service that you mention on your website.

2. Start a podcast

Podcasting has replaced blogging as a money-making medium for many people who work from home. It is known that podcast sponsorships are replacing text-based advertising dollars.

Although it may take some time for you to build an audience for your podcast, there are different ways to help you make money from podcasting.

These include selling advertising time, affiliate marketing links, and offering subscriptions. You can also sell merchandise or do speaking gigs.

3. Make money on YouTube

Video monetization is gaining momentum. We believe that vlogging will replace podcasting when high-speed internet becomes universal, and also, it is easier to do in some ways.

You can start creating interesting videos under the categories of education, exercise instructional, food cooking, and so many others.

Popular YouTube ways to make money include monetizing ads views, running paid promotion campaigns, and being part of the YouTube Partner Program.

4. Be a virtual assistant

There is always demand for virtual assistants, and it will continue to rise as the workforce moves to remote jobs. Virtual assistants (or VAs) work remotely to assist with administrative tasks. They can be employed by individuals, groups, or companies.

Administrative assistants are responsible for answering phones and taking messages, managing social media accounts, scheduling appointments, and conducting research.

It can be difficult to find your first client when starting a VA company. VAs can connect with clients via social media channels such as LinkedIn and Facebook groups, in-person networking events, or through freelancing platforms such as Upwork.

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5. Sell Your Photos Online

You can make money selling your photos, videos, vectors, illustrations, and other media online. You can upload your content to sell to individuals or companies for their websites, platforms, and other purposes.

You can list your work on sites such as iStock and Dreamstime and then get paid by people who want to buy your photos for commercial use.

6. Share your expertise

Consider creating resources for others if you are an expert in a particular subject. After you have put in the effort to create the content, it can be a passive income stream.

There are many ways to share information, including webinars, ebooks, and online courses. You can either promote and build the resources yourself or use existing educational platforms like Skillshare or Udemy.

These sites will connect you directly to people or students who are willing to pay to learn your skills.

7. Get Freelance Jobs

Popular online marketplaces like Fiverr, Freelancer, and Upwork connect freelancers with clients. These sites allow you to list your services and see the available opportunities.

Freelancers can work in many different areas, including writing, editing, marketing graphics, design, programming, translation, and other related fields.

Many remote jobs are possible to start with very little or no money. Online courses and mentorships don’t require you to spend hundreds of dollars.

You can always get access to all the information you need online for free or for a small fee through an ebook.

8. You can sell your unwanted and used items

You will end up with piles of stuff that you don’t need or use when you clean out your home. Selling items in good condition online can help you make extra money.

Virtual marketplaces offer a wide range of products and services. eBay is a popular site to sell almost any item used online

You can also make use of sites such as Jiji, Jumia, and Craigslist to sell locally, or you can keep it offline and have a garage sale or consignment shop.

You should include photos and a detailed description when listing items for sale online.


It takes time to grow your venture. You’ll need multiple income streams. You can combine different income streams into one business model.

You might be focused on vlogging but also make money with affiliate marketing or an online course that helps others build their YouTube channels.

There are many ways to make money at home. Don’t be afraid of trying different options until you find the right fit.

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