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Npower Redeployment: Beneficiaries Should Contact These Emails

Finding it hard to accept your current PPA, this articles was created to help you get redeployed. Learn more...

by Eniola Samuel
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Npower redeployment

Npower Redeployment: Beneficiaries should contact these emails

Npower news today – The Npower management team has come up with a solution to help Npower beneficiaries who seek redeployment, this is to make it easier for beneficiaries to get redeployed.

The Npower team has asked all Batch C beneficiaries to start mailing their redeployment request to Npower’s official email addresses.

Below are the Npower official email addresses:



The need for redeployment is due to some reasons pertaining to location, transport fee, and others.

Some Npower beneficiaries were posted to a Place of Primary Assignments PPA that is too far from your location and some might have moved to another state different from their former PPA.

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This is a valid reason to apply for the Npower redeployment process, and this has just been made easier than before now.

If you are one of the Npower Batch C beneficiaries who want to apply for the redeployment process and wants to be posted to a new Place of Primary Assignment PPA, you should follow the steps below:

Npower Batch C Redeployment Process

Kindly follow the following steps to successfully change your PPA

First, print out your deployment letter

Take it to the current PPA and then ask for a rejection form

Fill the rejection form and have the rejection letter

Upload your rejection letter to your NASIMS portal dashboard

Go to a PPA you would like to be deployed, ask for an acceptance letter, and then upload it at the same as the rejection letter.

Now upload the acceptance letter on NASIMS portal

Finally, apply for redeployment

Note: The Npower redeployment should not take more than 24 to 48 hours to get redeployed to the PPA of your choice.

To apply for the Npower redeployment process you need to be ready to provide the following:

Your full name

Npower ID

Application email

Phone number

State of deployment

LGA of Your PPA

Your PPA uploaded to the NASIMS portal

With the above, you will be able to request your redeployment easily.

We hope you find this article helpful, if you have any issues do not hesitate to comment in the comment section.

And that’s it, we will keep updating the blog with related posts kindly click on the red bell on your left to get notified when we post the latest update on Npower.

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