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Npower Batch C1: How To Download Your PPA Letter – Deployment (Trick)

by Eniola Samuel
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How To Download Your PPA Letter

Npower Batch C1: How To Download Your PPA Letter – Deployment (Trick)

The FG released the Npower batch c and this has caused a lot of people to begin to check their status and this also bring them to download their PPA letter.

It is not obvious that you are visiting this page because you are experiencing issues while trying to download your Npower Deployment or PPA Letter, like others are.

One of the main reasons you are finding it difficult is because there are lots of people trying to do the same you are trying to do at the same time as you.

This means the server becomes unstable to handle all the requests at the same.

Think of it there are about 500,000 people already looking to download their PPA letter at the same time. This is a common thing but it’s affecting some people.

However, what I will try to cover here in this post is to show you how to download your Npower deployment or PPA letter without issue. This is what I am always happy to do, helping with any issue on platforms.

How to download your Npower PPA Letter with trick

  • First, make sure you are using a chrome browser
  • Use a laptop or personal computer (switch to desktop view if using a phone)
  • Visit the Nasims website
  • Input your details
  • Now click on the download button

Note: You might get the usual error message as some people are trying to download at the same time.

The trick comes in:

  • Despite the error message don’t stop tapping on the download
  • Make sure you keep tapping the download button for about 5-8 minutes until you see the download pop up notification
  • Then click on it to download it to your device

And that’s how you download your PPA letter despite the error people are facing. I wish you Goodluck.

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