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Africgold Reviews: Is Africgoldm.com Legit or a Scam? Details

This article is based on the Africgold review, this article will explain you need to know about the mining platfrom in detail. Read more...

by Eniola Samuel
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Africgold Reviews

I have done some detailed Africgold reviews and others about investing platforms and people have reacted positively to my previous reviews.

This gives me the joy to post more reviews that people will find helpful on this blog, let’s talk about one of the mining platforms online right now.

I will be giving a detailed review on a mining platform namely; Africgold as requested by the users of this blog. Stay tuned as we proceed.

The details I will be mention in this content include; Africgold registration, Africgold login, Afrigold minimum withdrawal, Afrigold coupon code, and Africgold scam or legit check.

Africgold Reviews in detail:

Let’s start by talking about what the platform is all about.

What is Africgoldm about?

Africgold is a cryptocurrency mining platform/website that claims to mine crypto coins with the help and usage of members.

As shown on the platform: The platform is a Gold-backed digital mining application designed to be a highly secure platform design for future miners. Start mining and achieve the highest level of Hashrate.

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The mining platform boasts of using members’ funds to invest in crypto mining to earn more profit.

The platform talks about being one of the best cryptocurrency mining platforms online that makes use of profitable mining hardware and strategy to give the best result.

How does Africgold work?

The platform addressed their mission as:

AFRICGOLD is a dual-purpose platform made up of subsidiaries that provide an opportunity to utilize the AFGOLD Virtual mining technique, which is intended for evaluating mining revenue and as well as the conversion of AFGOLD units to real-world money and cash out as at when due.

The platform boasts that you get paid as you mine per minute without having to bring people before earning.

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It is mentioned on the website that they combine all the key aspects of conducting an efficient cryptocurrency mining activity. From building a highly efficient data center to providing a robust mining system for their users.

Africgoldm.com Plans:

AFRICGOLD reviews as mentioned on the platform website is a dual-purpose platform made up of subsidiaries that provide an opportunity to utilize the AFGOLD Virtual mining technique depending on the plans you opt for.

Below are the plans of Africgoldm.com:

Musk Gold Plan:

The first plan on the platform is Musk Gold is said to earn a member N15 per hour. The platform makes use of machines that does auto mining, this means with N15 per hour you will be making N360 per and N10,800 monthly.

Pentium Gold Plan:

The second plan on the platform is Pentium Gold is said to earn a member N50 per hour. The platform makes use of machines that does auto mining, this means with N50 per hour you will be making N2,630 per day and N36,000 monthly.

Skyway Gold Plan:

The third plan on the platform is Skyway Gold is said to earn a member N110 per hour. The platform makes use of machines that does auto mining, this means with N119 per hour you will be making N2,630 per and N79,000 monthly.

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You will be able to make a withdrawal when you reach the minimum withdrawal threshold on the platform.

Africgold Minimum Withdrawal

As mentioned earlier in order to make a withdrawal on Africgold you need to reach the minimum withdrawal threshold.

The minimum withdrawal is N10,000 once you reach that you can withdraw as shown on the platform.

Africgold Registration

This section will show you how to register or join the Afrigold platform. Registering on the platform is easy all you have to do is follow the steps below:

  1. First, purchase a code from a dispatcher
  2. Go to the website registration page using this link
  3. Fill in your details correctly
  4. Enter the code you’ve purchased
  5. Click on register and you are set!

Africgold.com Login

To login to the platform, you only have to click this link and you will be directed to the login page where you will input your login details.

Africgoldm.com Referral

As mentioned on the platform, you do not necessarily need to refer people before you earn and withdraw but it can serve as additional income for you if done.

Who is the owner of Africgold.com?

This is one of the most asked questions by curious people who want to join the platform or have already joined.

I hate to break it to you that the owner of the platform is anonymous, which means your money might be at risk as such platforms fold up easily without refunds.

Is Africgold Legit or a Scam?

I am sure you are curious to know the answer to his big question, as I have always done on this website in the past. The truth is all we say here.

The site might be a scam due to so many reasons, lots of people have lamented over the fact of not getting paid in the past and presently.


Before you register with the platform make you are planning that with the amount you might be able to risk whether it works or not.

Take precautions as platforms like this are hard to believe unless certified by some certain organization in the country.

We hope that with these Africgold reviews you will be able to decide what to do with your money regarding this platform.

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1 comment

JUlse March 19, 2022 - 2:52 pm

Afrigold mining is a scam joor. They claimed to have paid non referral earners which is a big lie.i have been mining since September but cant withdraw it.it is another mmm in style


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